Major Projects



Impossible Surivial Game



This is a multiplatform game targeted towards mobile platforms including Android, Windows Store , and Windows Phone.
Written in C# and JavaScript on top of .Net and Unity 3D FrameWork. I created this game because I wanted
a challenge and just wanted to try to make my frist game for fun. This game will be released in early Q2 of 2014.


Jp Morgan Hackaton – Cloud Calories.



In this hackaton we were working in team of 5 for 24 hours helping a non-profit orgainization to develop a system
to help them keep track of “Calories in the cloud”.

Clever Device Hackaton – Bus data visualization





In Clever Device Hackaton
we were working in team of 5 which I was team leader (I am in the middle with black shirt)
, working for 8 hours exploring ways to visualize the large amount of data they
have. In this hackaton we have won 3rd place.

Botnet Simulation


This project was built to help visualize how botnets work and assist in research on topic
“Collective Model of Future Smartphone Botnets” which is funded by
National Science Foundation.

Lottery Forcaster

Of course no, this app doesn’t forcast the next winning jackpot lottery. This app uses staticis from
historical lottery data and shows data on charts. It also pulls updates from web server and notifies
the user for new set of winning lottery numbers.


Java Tester

This is released in

Google Play Store
.Developed an educational Java based Android application.
This was released Aug-2012. Users are able to learn and test their selves on Java core concepts and data structures.

SQLite Benchmark

This is released in

Google Play Store
.An Android application that test the performance of the device.

ITEC Forums

An Windows 8 app that is like a forum, where users can ask question about it questions and registered
users can answer. This is a school team project.
My main responsibility was the frontend app and server-side script design. This app won 100$ gift card from

Device Locator

An appliation that can show where the client ( Android ) is and where the ‘server’ , a Windows 8 Store app,
shows it in a map. I was provided a Developer’s Device by Microsoft after show it to one of their staff.


Programming Books

In the end of my programming courses, we were to write a book on how would we explain what we
learnt in course to the next class that would take this course. The major challenge is we as a class
of 30~ is working as a team in this project. I have learnt how to work in large teams and lead my small
team to contribute to these book.